Under the aegis of All India Coordinated Agricultural Women’s Research Projects ICAR, Agricultural Women’s Institute, Bhubaneshwar Directorate of Research, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur Capacity building training for laborious alternatives in agricultural activities Two days training Dated 17.05.2023 18.05.2023 Gomana Village, Block Chhoti Saddi, District Pratapgarh Rajasthan Done. A total of 30 women of Gomana and Malvada villages were given training on labor-intensive equipment for agriculture and domestic work. On the first day, Dr. Hemu Rathore informed about time and labor saving women friendly devices and gave information about their use. In which special emphasis was laid on the benefits of reducing labor and the way to use labor-intensive machines like milking bucket and chowki, vegetable cutter, multi-use bag, corn peeler, plant transplanter, rest seat etc. On the second day of the programme, the use of groundnut peeler, opium slitter, etc. was explained to the women. The training also focused on the different postures used in various agricultural activities and its effect on health. In the training, the group of women were also informed about the humane way of working on the fields and the health hazards during the operation of the machines. The trainees liked the groundnut decorticator. In half an hour, Lalita Devi and other women peeled 35 kg of groundnuts. They were overwhelmed by the efficiency of the equipment. The decorticator has been kept with the SHG and they will use it to shell the groundnuts and rotate between different groups.

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