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Udaipur, August 28, Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Director General and Secretary, Department of Agricultural Research and Education, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, called upon the agricultural scientists from India and abroad that even though we have become self-sufficient in wheat production, but due to the changing global situation, In view of the weather cycle, we will have to be more speedy and alert in the field of research. Scientists have invented many ways to cope with adverse weather, while research on many others is ongoing.

Dr. Pathak was addressing the inaugural session of the 62nd All India Wheat and Wheat Research Workshop organized at the Rajasthan Agricultural College Auditorium here on Monday. More than four hundred agricultural scientists from India and abroad are participating in the workshop organized under the joint aegis of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur and Indian Council of Agricultural Research’s Wheat and Barley Research Institute, Karnal (Haryana).

Dr. Pathak said that in the meeting of Variety Identification Committee in the workshop, high quality varieties with good yield potential and free from diseases will be identified for release by the Indian Government. This year, proposals will be presented to identify 14 varieties of wheat and 1 variety of barley. He said that the total wheat production of the country was 55.14 million tonnes in the decade 1990-91 and reached 112.74 million tonnes in the year 2022-23, which is a record but agricultural scientists need not be satisfied with this. Scientists should do fruitful work on high protein varieties of wheat which are suitable for chapati, bread, biscuits and pasta.

In the workshop, scientists from various research institutes (SIMMIT, JIRKAS, ICARDA, ICRISET, S.L.P., B.W.M.R.I.) working on wheat and barley located in different countries interacted with Indian scientists on wheat and barley. Related: Will reach a conclusion after brainstorming on various major issues. Presiding over the program, Vice Chancellor of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka said that in the golden period of independence, intensive brainstorming in Udaipur on an important subject like wheat will definitely yield meaningful results. Due to increasing population and geometric progress, the demand for wheat will continuously increase. ‘Food and nutrition for all’ should be the first priority of agricultural scientists because due to the prevalence of malnutrition, grains are the only food for poor families. Increasing the level of micronutrients and iron in food grains, especially in wheat, and increasing the bio-availability of zinc in grains through bio-fortification should be an important goal of agricultural scientists to benefit children and pregnant women.

The program was inaugurated by Chairman and Deputy Director General (Crop Science) Dr. Tilak Raj Sharma, special guest and ADG Dr. D.K. Yadav and Dr. S. Of. Pradhan etc. also addressed. In the beginning, Director of Indian Wheat and Grass Research Institute, Karnal, Dr. Gyanendra Singh presented the progress report for the year 2022-23. Dr. Arvind Verma, Research Director gave the welcome address.

Inauguration of Shri Anna Vatika
Shri Anna Vatika was developed under the International Nutritious Grain Year 2023 at Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur. Which was inaugurated by Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Director General of Indian Council of Agricultural Research and Secretary, Department of Agricultural Research and Education, New Delhi. On this occasion, Vice-Chancellor of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka said that with the aim of increasing awareness and knowledge among farmers, students and citizens, every college, agricultural science center and research center of the university will start a similar scheme. The garden has been developed.
Dr. Hemlata Sharma, in-charge of All India Sorghum Research Project, informed about the distribution of millet seeds under the Nutritious Grain Year 2023. Senior scientists from Udaipur and Karnal were also present on this occasion. On this occasion, the guests also inaugurated two newly established laboratories in the college campus, Virtual Reality Lab and English Laboratory.
Floral tribute to Pratap
Before the workshop, in the morning, floral tributes were offered to the statue of Maharana Pratap installed in the Rajasthan Agricultural College campus and wishes were made for a bright future for the development of Mewar and the entire country. Date: 28.08.2023

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