Improved Samba Mahsuri

Bacterial blight (BB) is a major disease of reducing rice yields significantly. Since chemical control of the disease is not possible, development and deployment of resistant varieties is the only economically feasible strategy available for managing the disease. Towards this objective a collaborative research team of scientists from DRR and CCMB have successfully introgressed three […]

DRRH 3 The First High Yielding Rice Hybrid With Medium Slender (MS) Grain Type

Directorate of Rice Research (DRR),Hyderabad has developed a high yielding hybrid DRRH-3 with medium slender grain type for irrigated ecology. It can be cultivated in areas with assured irrigation, where fine- grained rice varieties are preferred and widely cultivated. This hybrid can give about 23-30% more yield than BPT 5204. The grain quality traits of […]