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Udaipur 26 June 20231 The two-day divisional level Kisan Mahotsav, organized at Krishi Upaj Mandi sub-yard, Udaipur’s Balicha, started with great fanfare. Honorable Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot inaugurated this Kisan Mahotsav. More than 20 stalls of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology were set up in the Mahakumbh of divisional level farmers, on which farmers from all over the division were introduced to the latest agricultural techniques developed in the university.

Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka, Vice-Chancellor of Agricultural University MPUAT, present at the fair site, said that the agricultural research projects conducted in various units of the university, mainly All India Coordinated Agricultural Research Projects sponsored by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which mainly include mushroom production and research, weed control, organic fertilizers. , Organic Farming, Organic Pesticides Project conducted on Coarse Cereals, Various Tuber Crops, Wheat, Barley, Groundnut, Sorghum, Maize, Seed Crops, Horticulture Crops, Floriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Soil and Water Conservation Engineering, Robotics, Virtual Technology , Internet of Things, sensor-based farming, integrated farming method, demonstration of many agricultural machines developed in the Department of Agricultural Engineering and the project, projects related to community science and farmer women development, post-harvest food processing technology, renewable energy, solar powered various machines Detailed demonstrations of technologies like solar powered pumps, cycles, solar dryer etc. were done.

On this occasion, different animal breeds, Pratap Dhan chicken, goat breeds, rabbit, quail and fish farming stall developed in MPUAT, various edible and colorful fish species were displayed in which farmers of different ages showed special interest. Visible. extension education
Director Dr. RA Kaushik said that the farmers showed their interest to plant the seed varieties of different crops developed by the university. Research Director Arvind Verma said that the interest of farmers in knowing and adopting various research techniques of MPUAT was seen throughout the day. There was a rally of farmers on these stalls.
Various questions of the farmers were answered by the agricultural scientists on the spot and on this occasion, specially organized for question answers, the university’s agricultural scientists discussed about agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, seed production, crop protection, organic farming, crop protection, pest control in Jajam Choupal. Satisfied the farmers by answering various questions related to disease control and horticulture crops.

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