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Under the Institutional Development Program, a 15-day national training on “Natural Farming, Present Status and Future Possibilities” was inaugurated at the Research Directorate of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur. On this occasion, Dr. R.C. Aggarwal was the chief guest. , Deputy Director General of Agricultural Education, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, in his address said that in view of the importance of natural farming, a special course for graduate students on natural farming is being started all over the country. For this, all the universities are Training is being organized for the scientists, teachers and subject experts of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology. He said that due to Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology’s extensive research work and experience in natural farming, this special responsibility has been given to the university. He said that There is an immense need to organize such training across the nation. The whole world is looking towards India regarding natural farming, hence scientists and teachers from all over the world are coming to India for training, in such a situation it becomes our moral responsibility. That we conduct best class training. He expressed the need to develop good literature on natural farming and also stressed the need to disseminate recorded videos of these trainings through YouTube and other social media platforms so that the scientific community and general public can increase awareness about natural farming and its benefits. Information should be accessible.

Chairman of the program Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka Vice Chancellor, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology said that the University is proving itself as a leading institute in the nation by conducting the first training on natural farming. Dr. Karnataka explained about the economic, environmental and human health harms caused by indiscriminate use of chemicals. He said that only by providing food security to all and incorporating nature and ecological factors into agriculture, the entire agricultural system can be transformed into “pure agriculture”. Dr. Along with adopting natural farming in Karnataka, we should also keep in mind adequate food production for the increasing population.

Dr. SK Sharma, Deputy Director, Human Resources, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, in his address said that firstly the era of chemical free agriculture, then organic farming and currently natural farming is going on. In India, the year 2000 is considered the standard year of organic farming and the year 2020 for natural farming. Keeping in view its importance and to establish it in agriculture, a curriculum has been prepared. In which a 180 credit course of natural agriculture will be taught to graduate students across the country. Dr. Sharma said that in order to successfully propagate and disseminate natural farming, it is first necessary that its deep knowledge can be acquired clearly. Otherwise, in the absence of complete information, it will be impossible to implement natural farming successfully. Dr. Sharma said that through this natural farming course, graduate students will be prepared who will properly propagate it to the farmers. He stressed the need to undertake various research projects on natural farming.

Dr. Arvind Verma, Director Research and Course Director welcomed the guests and presented the outline of the training before the House. Dr. Verma said that nine students from three states participated in the training.
35 participants from the university are participating. Dr. Verma said that in the entire training, the participants will be trained through 46 lectures, 13 practical training and two training tours.

Dr. P.K. Singh, Dean, CTI and Coordinator, Institutional Development Project, said that this training is an auspicious opportunity for the participants. Through this training, strong study material and directory on natural farming will be prepared, which after the training, all the participants will be able to use natural farming in their respective areas. Can be used for agricultural promotion. All the directors and dean of the university were present in the program.
Dr. Amit Trivedi, Regional Director Research, Udaipur thanked all the guests in the program.

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