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Director of Mushroom Research Directorate, Solan (Himachal Pradesh), Government of India, Prof. V.P. Sharma organized the annual group meeting of various mushroom research centers of the country at Shere Kashmir University of Agriculture and Technology located in Srinagar city of Jammu and Kashmir. In the meeting, an important decision was taken to find out and collect the diversity of edible and medicinal mushrooms in the regional forests of different states of India and promote the cultivation of regional mushrooms. Due to which, on the instructions of increasing mushroom production and per capita mushroom consumption in the country, the present Project Officer cum Professor Dr. Narayan Lal Meena Avinash with the help of former Mushroom Project Officer and Dean of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Rajasthan Agricultural College Prof. Shyam Sundar Sharma Kumar Nagda and Kishan Singh Rajput observed mushroom diversity in the forests of Kevde ki Naal to Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary. In which Regional Forest Officer Mr. Gautam Lal Meena also cooperated a lot. After inspection T different types of mushroom species were collected and it was found that diversity of different species of mushroom was seen in the forests of South Rajasthan and a rare species of mushroom was found in Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary. Dr. Meena told that this species of mushroom was very large in size, whose weight was between 4 – 5 kg. Its scientific name is Boletus eedulis. In the above survey, the research director of the university, Professor Arvind Verma had appreciable cooperation.

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