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Dr. Mridula Devi, Director, Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar, visited 5 villages adopted by the All India Coordinated Research Project on Women in Agriculture working under Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology. These villages have been adopted by the project under the Nutri Smart programme. During the tour, the director inspected the nutrition garden set up in all the five villages and also inspired to set up nutrition garden in every house. The director listened to the problems of the local women and gave suggestions to solve the problems.

The director gave information about how women can start an enterprise using locally available resources and advised to set up a food processing unit. Diseases caused due to lack of nutrition in women and children, tell the causes of anemia and malnutrition, he gave information about how to get rid of these diseases, along with this, to grow vegetables at home and use pesticides at least. inspired. Motivated women to start an enterprise by making green chili powder at home. A total of 160 men and women participated in the programme. Unit coordinator Dr. Vishakha Bansal gave information about the works being done in the villages and Dr. Gayatri Tiwari thanked. Dr. Sudha Babel, Dr. Hemu Rathod, Dr. Vishakha Singh, Dr. Sumitra Meena, Dr. Kusum Sharma, Dr. Sneha Jain, Dr. Seema Dangi, Charu Nagar and Priyanka Bhati contributed successfully in the program.

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