Soil Testing Services

┬áSoil Testing Laboratory Soil testing laboratory has facilities to test the pH, EC, Organic Carbon, Available N, P, K, Boron, Sulphur and Micronutrient (DTPA-Extractable-Zn, Cu, Mn & Fe) on the payment basis. Benefits of Soil Health Card (SHC) The SHC is a complete evaluation of the quality of soil right from its functional characteristics, to […]

Evaluation of Natural Resources Under Agro-Climatic Zone -II

Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the State was completed much earlier in the year 1966. 1966 Soil profiles were exposed, studied, and described. About 500 soil series were established in the whole state. To maintain consistency in procedural standards and to confirm the individual results of scientific, correlation and definition of soil series are followed. Properly […]