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About 250 students of Sacred Heart Convent School, Samrala visited the Departments of Renewable Energy Engineering as well as Soil and Water Engineering, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) to gain knowledge about energy and water conservation. The visit was held under the guidance of Dr Rajan Aggarwal, Head, Department of Renewable Energy Engineering; Dr Rakesh Sharda, Head, Soil and Water Engineering from PAU and Mrs Seema Bhattacharya, Incharge Science Club. The objective of the visit was to encourage students and make them aware of the importance of energy and water conservation in the field of renewable energy and rainwater harvesting for sustainable development.

Dr Aggarwal said that energy was one of the most important issues, being faced by the country and in view of this, the development of affordable, efficient and clean energy sources was paramount. He also made students aware of water crises in the state and stressed the importance of augmentation of groundwater. He highlighted that College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, PAU, addressed several national goals through research and development in the area of renewable energy and water conservation.

Dr Sukhmeet Singh informed the youths about solar energy, which is one of the most significant green energy sources to achieve sustainable development energy solutions. The students were shown different types of solar energy gadgets such as Forced Circulation Solar Dryer, Advanced Domestic Solar Dryer and Solar Cooker (Single-step Rectangular Hot Box Solar Cooker and Folding Two-step Asymmetric Reflector Solar Cooker). These dryers can be used for safe and easy drying of various products such as turmeric, fenugreek leaves, amla, chilly, ginger, etc., he added. Drying will enhance the shelf life of the produce and give better returns to the farmers, he said.

Dr Sarbjit Singh Sooch and Dr Iqbal Singh acquainted the students with various biogas technologies developed by PAU. The technologies for PAU fixed dome type family size biogas plant, modified PAU fixed dome Janta model biogas plant and paddy straw-based biogas plants have been commercialized by the department to cater to the needs of farmers, they added.

Dr Sanjay Satpute, a scientist of soil and water engineering, demonstrated rainwater harvesting structure and its importance.

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