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Industry-Scientist-Farmers Interface Meeting was held on 5th March, 2024 at ICAR-Central Goat Research Institute, Makhadmu. In this minute’s industry, There was participation of up to 100 professionals including progressive miners, film makers and expert panelists from across the country. Director of ICAR-CIRG Dr. Mish Kumar Hetley presented an overview of the production situation of goats in India, especially in view of the increasing demand for goat milk and meat. with Additionally, he also highlighted the challenges and opportunities of goat rearing in terms of markets and business, especially regarding the future of goat rearing in India. Attention river. Dr. Heitley stressed that dissemination of farmer-friendly forecasting technology among goat farmers will improve productivity and economic stability.
This will play an important role in breeding, leading to wide acceptance among goat farmers. This event was organized by Dr. Of. Gururaj, Manager Institute of Technology Management Unit, Sanhi Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Rirun Pal Singh and Dr. The run was organized by Ranji.
ICAR Assistant Director Dr. G.K. Gaur, New Delhi, was present as Chief Guest, while UPLBD Chief Executive Officer Dr. Veeraj Gupta was invited as the guest of honour. Dr. Gaur stressed the importance of import of excellent animal species such as goats .I can reach my level of productivity. They want to give priority for research and development to regional level issues raised by farmers. Reiterated the need. Dr. Veeraj Gupta highlighted various government schemes which have been launched for animal husbandry development, among which the district .Has brought maximum acceptance of Bakripali. During the event, a collaboration between Agra KRBS Engineering and Chemistry Campus and Mathrua KICAR-CIRG in Biotechnology and Life Sciences .A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed for cooperation in research areas. Also, VDMR Aggrotech Pvt. of Agra, Uttar Pradesh
A trade terms agreement for goat products was signed between Ltd. and ICAR-CIRG. Dr. Mr. K. Hetley, Director, Emphasized the importance of wide adoption of goat based technologies among entrepreneurs, especially among the marginalized youth of the country to promote goat rearing. As an important step to make it popular. A panel discussion comprising of industry partners, farmer entrepreneurs, scientists from ICAR-CIRG Center and stakeholders from across the country, including Nijmendi Vyas, Mathrua Including experts from India, they focused on the challenges surrounding goat production in India. Discuss possible technological solutions and further Also talked about direction. Availability of high quality germplasm, sorghum and sorghum quality for breed development, graze for goat rearing. Various issues such as area, barriers to prevention of artificial insemination, and economics of goat production were examined. This interface proved fruitful, Because it identified key issues raised by goat producers and other stakeholders, which will serve as important areas for future research.

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