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ICAR-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Regional Research Station, Bharuch organized Five-day training on “Diversified agriculture leads to entrepreneurship among resource-poor farmers of marginal lands Development” from 22 to 26 April 2024 at Village-Ankhi; Taluka-Jambusar; Dist.- Bharuch under SC Subplan Scheme of central government. 50 SC farmers participated from 14 villages (Ankhi, Umra, Magnad, Jhamdi, Kavli, Vavli, Jambusar, Samoj, Kalak, Karmad, Uchhad, Chhidra, Runad and Achhod) of Jambusar and Amod Taluka of Bharuch district. Among 50 participant eight participants were women farmers. Station Head Dr. Anil Chinchmalatpure, all scientific staff, Dr. Monika Shukla, Dr. Sagar Vibhute and Dr. David Camus and Farm Manager Sh. Champak Taviyad attended and managed the training programme for five days. Day wise detail of five-day.
programme is given below:
Day 1 (22/04/2024):
Inauguration of training was done by welcoming the 50 participant farmers and the Chief guest and expert Shri M. M. Patel, Senior Scientist and Head, and Dr. Dhananjay S. Shinkar,
M.V.Sc., SMS (Animal Science) from KVK Chaswad, Bharuch by station head Dr. Anil Chinchmalatpure. He explained about the objective of SC-SP program to the farmers and gave a brief introduction of the five-day training programme. Farmers were also informed about working of ICAR and our institute as what type of work is going on and how we can help them. After that expert Shri M. M. Patel gave detailed information about working of KVK for the farmers. He informed about various programmes organized by KVK for farmers as training, FLD, OFT, field day etc. to the farmers for technology transmission. After that Dr. Dhananjay S. Shinkar, veterinary expert interacted with the farmers and gave detailed knowledge about animal health care. He encouraged farmers to use home and local remedies for minor health problems of animals. He also informed the farmers about proper care should be taken during artificial insemination of animals. After that farmers were interacted with the experts and share their problems related to their field. In the end Dr. Monika gave vote of thanks to the expert and farmers and the program ended.
Day 2 (23/04/2024):
On the second day of training, Horticulture expert Ms. Bhavishaben S Patel, Horticulture Officer (Jambusar), Department of Horticulture, Bharuch, was invited to provide knowledge about horticulture schemes to the farmers. She delivers lecture on the topic of “Horticultural Schemes for farmers and Potential fruit for cultivation in Jambusar Taluka”. Second lecture was delivered by Dr. Sagar Vibhute on the topic of “Saline water use in Black cotton soils”. He elaborated about various techniques of rain water harvesting and ground water recharge at farmers field as farm pond, recharge well etc. He also talked about importance of drainage in the black soils and various techniques for drainage. Farmers were also informed about sub surface drainage for management of saline waterlogged soils. After that Dr. David Camus (Agroforestry) delivered a lecture on “Suitable Agroforestry Systems for livelihood and sustainable income in black cotton soils of Bara tract”. He told farmers about rotational planting of eucalyptus for every year income and promote intercropping between the trees to get additional income. He also aware farmers about social forestry and carbon credit. In the end of programme vote of thanks was given to the expert and farmers.
Day 3 (24/04/2024):
On the third day of training, expert Dr. Vaishali Surve, Assistant Professor, Agronomy, College of Agriculture, NAU, Bharuch was invited. She delivered lecture on “Crop and soil management in conventional and natural farming”. Farmers were informed about benefit of
traditional farming, green manuring, addition of organic manures and other traditional farming practices. Second lecture was delivered by station head Dr. Anil Chinchmalatpure on the topic of “Salt affected soil management” to the farmers. Farmers were informed about management of salt affected soils. Sir gave detailed information about soil sampling and preparation of soil samples. Another lecture was delivered by Shri Harekrishna, Gramsevak, Ankhi Village, Jambusar Taluka, Govt. of Gujarat on “Govt. Schemes and subsidy in agriculture”. He informed the farmers about the registration in the ikhedut portal for getting benefit of govt. schemes. In the end of programme vote of thanks was given to the expert and farmers.
Day 4 (25/04/2024):
On the fourth day of training, expert Dr. Brishketu Kumar, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Animal Science, College of Agriculture, Bharuch was invited to give lecture to the farmers on the topic of “Dairy and livestock management in rural area”. He informed the farmers about livestock rearing their food and nutrition management for better productivity of milk. He also emphasized on proper vaccination of livestock to prevent various diseases which is either deadly for cattle or lower their milking efficiency. Second lecture was given by Dr. Rajesh R. Waghunde, Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture, NAU, Bharuch on “Disease management in Different arable and horticulture crops of Bara tract”. He also gave information about mushroom cultivation and its marketing and value addition. After that brief lecture was given by Dr. Monika Shukla, on the topic of “Plant nutrition management in Agriculture”. She talked about integrated plant nutrition through various types of organic manures, chemical fertilizer and biofertilizers. She gave information about importance of right timings and doses of manures and fertilizers to the crop for getting higher production. In the end of programme certificate were distributed to the farmers and at last vote of thanks was given to the expert and farmers.
Day 5 (26/04/2024):
On the fifth day of training, farmers were taken to the exposer visit of an agroindustry. All the farmers were taken by bus to Agri land Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Samalya, Vadodara for visit. There we interacted with the Managing director of the company Dr. Mukesh Patel. He taken a lecture of farmers and give details of the product manufactured in their company. He told the company was set up 30 years ago with a mandate of ecofriendly solution of pest and diseases occurring in agriculture. The company mainly manufacture biopesticides for various insect pest and diseases and biofertilizers for plant nutrition. He gave detailed information about their main products of company and their uses in different crops. Farmers were found interested to use ecofriendly solution for insect pest and purchased some items from the industry retail shop. After the visit we returned to the training venue where lunch was arranged for the farmers.

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