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14 July 2023 Udaipur, 29 May 2023 A lecture on “Personal Effectiveness: Why and How” was organized by the constituent Community and Applied Science College of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology. At the outset, Dean Dr. Meenu Srivastava explained that personal effectiveness is an attribute that is often associated with positive well-being and is an important part of living a successful and fulfilling life. In professional terms, this is a vital skill which means you will be more productive, motivated and will consistently meet goals and progress, whatever your role. Organizing Secretary Dr. Gayatri Tiwari, Co-Dean Student Welfare told that it is not only necessary but also mandatory to prepare the students to accept the unexpected challenges of the changing times. This lecture is very important from the point of view of all round development of his personal and professional life.

After introductory remarks by Dr. Monisha Sajan, the keynote speaker was Dr. Vishala Patnam Professor (Retd.) Bishana Narasimhwa Patnam, former Associate Dean and Principal and former Head (Department of Human Development and Family Studies), College of Community Sciences, Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agricultural University, Parbhani (Maharashtra). In your address you mentioned that personal effectiveness is an important quality. It is often found among the most successful people and professionals in each field. Hone some essential personal effectiveness skills and their nettings to activate Windows. Performing can make a big difference in your life. In this vibrant, and dynamic world, the definition of high performance can vary greatly from job to job. Success no longer means completing your work. Instead, you have to move forward in your personal and professional life. That is why the concept of personal effectiveness has evolved. By employing personal effectiveness, you can do the same thing and get better results. We spend a lot of our time and energy. There are many people in this world working to achieve the same goal with different costs. This is because everyone’s individual effectiveness is different.

Our effectiveness depends on such characteristics as talents and experience accumulated in the process of personal development. You made a power point presentation about life skills with the example of nature’s characteristics of animals, plants, etc. The vote of thanks was done by Club Advisor Dr. Sumitra Meena. The participants took an active part in the session. Dr. Sneha and Mrs. Rekha Rathore had special cooperation in operation and coordination.

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