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A National Seminar on Global Dairy Industry Opportunities and Challenges was organized at MPUAT’s constituent College of Dairy and Food Technology, concluding ceremony of “World Milk Day” week and on the last day of the event. The National Seminar was attended by eminent national speakers like Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka, MPUAT Vice Chancellor Mr. Vijay Sardana, Technical Legal Expert, Government of India and Mr. Kaushalesh Varshney, Technical Director, Socio Hazuri Pvt Ltd and 350 students participated.

Mr. Vijay Sardana said that considering all the nutritious elements present in milk, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has decided to celebrate World Milk Day, so that the general public can be informed about the importance of milk.

Mr. Kaushalesh Varshney said that its main objective was to make people aware of the nutritious elements found in milk, while strengthening stability and economic development in the dairy sector. Considering the importance of this day, the number of countries celebrating Milk Day is increasing every year.

Dean of the college Dr. Lokesh Gupta said that World Milk Day was established in the year 2001 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to underline the importance of milk as a global diet.

Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka, MPUAT Vice-Chancellor said that the purpose of the day is to provide an opportunity to draw attention to the activities related to the dairy sector.

Dr. SR Malu Hon’ble Member BoM, MPUAT informed that dairy is the largest agriculture sector in India. It contributes 5% to the national economy and provides direct employment to 80 million dairy farmers. Improving economic activity, increasing per capita consumption of milk and milk products, changing dietary preferences and increasing urbanization in India have propelled the dairy industry to grow by 9-11% in 2021-22.

The organized dairy segment, which accounts for 26-30% of the industry (by value), has seen faster growth than the unorganized sector.
Training Organizer Secretary, Dr. Kamlesh Meena told that various competitions were organized in the college “World Milk Day Week”. The first day started with poster presentation competition, in which 60 students participated. On the second day An essay writing competition was held, in which the topic was made available on the spot. On the third day of the program, an extempore competition was held, in which 35 students participated. Along with this, a session of dialogue and exchange of experience with senior alumni was also started for the students and They were awarded after announcing the results of the competition.

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