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Under the joint aegis of All India Coordinated Research Project on Women in Agriculture and Poultry Breeding Research Project under the Directorate of Research of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, “Poultry Unit Distribution Programme” was organized at Panchayat Bhawan, Ambawali, Chhoti Sadri. The main objective of distributing chicks was to provide self-employment to rural women and make them self-reliant. Women were collected from various villages of Kalyanpura, Ambawali and Chhankata of Ambawali Panchayat. 50 rural women participated in the program and 20 chicks were distributed to each woman i.e. 1000 chicks in total.
The program was conducted by Dr. Kusum Sharma and Charu Nagar under the leadership of Dr. Sudha Babel and Dr. Hemu Rathod. Poultry subject expert Dr. Mukesh Panchal told the women about the maintenance and care of poultry. While making a chicken coop, keep in mind that one chicken requires 1.5-2.0 square feet of space. The shed should be in a shady place on a slope slightly above the ground and should have good ventilation system. The length of the coop should be in East-West so that the chickens can be protected from scorching sunlight and direct light. Rice husk and wheat straw should be used for bedding in the house so that the chickens can be protected from heat and the sitting floor can also be kept dry.

Dr. Panchal also told that the health of chickens and poultry can be maintained by getting them vaccinated from time to time to protect them from diseases. Maize, wheat, jowar, barley porridge and rice bran can be fed in the diet of chickens. A balanced diet should include minerals, vitamins, antibacterial and coccidia medicines. Dr. Panchal said that egg-laying hens always require calcium which is helpful in the formation of egg shell. For this, giving 34 grams of marble stone pieces per hen day makes the shell hard.

By increasing the number of chickens, they can increase their income by selling the eggs produced from them and by rearing chickens. The women assured us that they will also nurture those chicks like their own children and will increase their numbers and will also increase their income by selling the eggs obtained from them. Rajivika’s worker Nirmala Mali had special support in the program.

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