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Udaipur June 8, Regular consumption of small grains can keep away from diseases and medicines” Dr. Ajit Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Agricultural University, Karnataka said these words while expressing his views in the dialogue “Mainstreaming Minor Millets into Food System”. He was the chief guest in this dialogue program organized with the aim of promoting small grains in the state and making small grains a part of the common man’s food plate under the joint aegis of Agriculture University, Vagdhara Sanstha and Bhumi-Ka on World Food Security Day. I was speaking. He further said that earlier people used to eat food by looking at it, smelling it and then by tasting it, but now they eat food according to their brain, seeing whether their food contains essential nutrients for the body or not. On this occasion, he further said that the inclusion of small grains in the diet is very important for the health of a person so that he can enjoy a long life. Subject experts from 8 states from across the country participated in this programme.

After welcoming the guests in the program by Dr. Sudeep Sharma, Secretary of Vagdhara Sanstha, Jayesh Joshi said in his inaugural address that the work done by the farmers and the community for a long time needs a scientific basis which can be found through the Agricultural University. The importance of work increases. This dialogue is a part of a series of extension and research. He emphasized on continuing this type of dialogue regularly and expressed hope that it is very necessary to reach the whole country through farmers, agricultural university, Indian Council of Agricultural Research and the state government.

Dr. Arvind Verma, Director Research, MPUAT told that during the workshop discussions were held in 4 sessions. Enhancing the production and diversification of small grains in the State’; ‘Simplifying a community based approach to small grain processing’; Strengthening local markets and small enterprises in tribal areas to promote ‘ways to increase consumption of small grains’ and ‘promoting small grains’. During the discussion, agricultural experts, farmers, FPOs and economists suggested providing financial assistance from the state government to increase the production of small grains at the local level, including them in ICDS and PDS, multiplying their seeds by the community and distributing minikits to the farmers. Talked about distributing them in the form and making available the necessary technology for their processing. Talked about distributing and making available the necessary technology for their processing. Measures to increase the demand in the market for small grains were also discussed and emphasis was laid on their broadening.

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