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Udaipur 05 October 2023 The closing ceremony of a six-day training on “Technology of Plant Propagation in Vegetables” was organized for the graduate students under the Institutional Development Program at Rajasthan Agricultural College, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur. On this occasion, Dr. Ajit Kumar, Vice Chancellor of Karnataka Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, as the chief guest, in his address said that in the present era, the importance of horticultural crops has increased a lot, in such a situation, the knowledge of quality propagation techniques of vegetables is necessary for the students and students. It is very important to give to the farmer brothers.

Dr. Karnataka said that the training will develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students so that they will be able to establish new sources of income. Dr. Karnataka called upon India to contribute in taking the country from second place in the world to first place in vegetable production. Special guest of the program, Dr. Mahesh Kothri, project co-incharge and director of planning and supervision, said that the students participating in this training should now train other students further, due to which a chain will be developed and the knowledge will be disseminated further. Dr. Kothari said that all the trainees should send projects to the government and other institutions for new ventures. Special guest of the program was Dr. S.S. Sharma, Dean, Rajasthan Agricultural College, Udaipur, in his address said that in the present times there is a need for innovations in agriculture. In such a situation, propagation in vegetables is emerging as an innovation. Many times, quality planting material is not available to the farmers, hence the selection of low quality seedlings leads to decline in production and income. Therefore, by having knowledge of the technology of propagation of vegetables, they will be able to prepare planting material themselves. Dr. Sharma said that excellent work is being done on propagation of vegetables at the Hi-Tech Horticulture Unit of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, the benefit of which should be given to the farmers and students, in such a situation this training will prove to be very beneficial for everyone. . Training in-charge Dr. Kapil Dev Ameta, Associate Professor, gave information about the activities organized in the training. He said that in the training, complete information about propagation of local and foreign vegetables has been given to the trainees in a practical manner. Dr. Ameta said that subject experts from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and other universities established in Jodhpur, Bikaner, Gujarat and New Delhi were invited to give lectures in the training. Training booklet was released in the ceremony and certificates and training booklets were distributed to all the trainees.

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