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Dr. Naresh Mehta became the first president of the Fisheries College Alumni Council Udaipur July 30, Under Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, an online meeting was organized by the Fisheries College to form the Alumni Association. During the meeting, it was an opportunity to relive the memories of Fisheries College, Udaipur with the alumni members spread across different districts of Rajasthan and different states of the country, gathering through online platform. The main objective of the meeting was the formation of College of Fisheries Udaipur Alumni Association. Recruitment of vacant posts in the college was a major issue in the meeting. In this meeting, the approved members of the association constituted the first executive committee for appointment in the association.

The Dean of Fisheries College, Dr. B.K. Of. Sharma presided over the meeting. He said that the proposal for the names of executive members was unanimously approved in the meeting. Presence in the meeting Former Dean of Fisheries Dr. L. Ale. Sharma and S. Of. Sharma is also thanked for his contribution, guidance and inspiration. Without his guidance and support this meeting would not have been possible. He inspired the students in the College of Fisheries with his knowledge and experience and played the role of a guide for their future. The first President of the association, Dr. Naresh Kumar Mehta, 1st batch (2004-2008) College of Fisheries, Udaipur and presently Assistant Professor, Central Agricultural University, Imphal was elected and with his active role and proper utilization of existing resources this meeting was organized. Appreciated for making it successful. Through this meeting, more than 70 pass out students of the college shared their experiences and urged the higher authorities for their problems and their solutions. Fisheries Development Officer Dr. Madan Dhayal, Bank Manager P in B, Manoj Meena, Assistant Professor Dr. Suman Takar, Dr. Tarang Shah, Dr. Naresh Keer, Dr. Rohitash Yadav, Dr. Lakhan Meena, Dr. in this meeting.

Uday Ram etc. were present. The management skills of Dr. Naresh Mehta facilitated this meeting. All te Windows alumni members took the initiative to activate Windows to strengthen mutual relations and overall development for fisheries development in the state. Said the thing Alumni Nayan Chauhan, Bhavesh Chaudhary assisted in the operations.

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