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Palampur 28 March. Dr D.K.Vatsa,Vice Chancellor, has said that agriculture is very basic requirement for humanity. All other professions and avocations follow agriculture. He underlined the need to save soil for sustainable farming. The Vice Chancellor said that micro irrigation and micro shed management can be handled well following right cropping systems. He said that scientists should think whether the wheat- paddy system is right for the Himalayas. He advocated importance of growing millets in this region. He said that farmers are very knowledgeable but we should provide them holistic information for sustainable farm development. He also discussed the need to save our agriculture under adverse conditions like disasters and climate change. He said farmers and farm scientists need appreciation for providing food to humanity. Prof H.M. Desarda, Professor Emeritus, MGN University, Aurangabad spoke on the topic, ‘Strategy of micro watershed development and adoption of farming system approach to promote ecologically sustainable and socially just agriculture growth’ with faculty and students of the University.

Dr S.K.Upadhyay, Director of Research also spoke on the occasion. Dr.Ravindra Kumar, Dean, Dr GCN COVAS; Dr R.K.Kapila, Dean PGS, Dr Rajesh Uppal, Librarian, Heads, faculty and students also attended the program.

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