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Six-day experiential training program for Agriculture graduate students to develop Sri Anna Vatika in Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology in order to implement the various activities of the International Nutritious Grains Year 2023 and the Nutritive Grains Plan of Honorable Vice-Chancellor Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka “Scientific Production Management of Nutritious Food Grains” was launched on 24.06.2023. In the programme, Research Director, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology and Dr. Arvind Verma, Organizing Secretary of this training said that on the initiative of the Government of India, the United Nations has 2015 has been declared as the International Year of Nutritious Cereals. Highlighting the importance of Nutrient Cereals in the 21st century, he called upon the university scientists to pay special attention to the research of Nutrient Cereals as in the cultivation of Nutrient Cereals, other food grains like wheat, rice etc. Less water is required in comparison.

 He emphasized on making the youth aware about nutritious grains. He informed that the state of Rajasthan is leading in the production of nutritious food grains.

Dr. S. S. Sharma, Dean, Rajasthan Agricultural College called upon the students to use the knowledge gained from this training to become more entrepreneurship and get more income in agriculture. Dr. Hemlata Sharma, in-charge, All India Sorghum Research Project and co-organizing secretary of this program, while highlighting the objectives of this training, discussed the detailed action plan of nutritious grains for the year 2023.In this programme, a pictorial guide of nutritious grains was also distributed to all the participants.

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