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TEC, ICAR-IVRI, Pune along with CINI (Collectives for Integrated Livelihood Initiatives), an associated organization of Tata Trusts, organized one day training on “Goat farming for the livelihood improvement of farmers” on 22nd March 2023 under TSP programme at Dhadgaon village of Nandurbar district. A total of 199 farmers including 12 women participated in the training. Dr Sachin G Chaudhari, Senior Technical Officer, CINI, welcomed the guests and participants. Dr SK Das, Principal Scientist, TEC, in his address informed the participants about the activities of the institute, success story of tribal farmers in Nashik and Nandurbar districts, and prospect of goat farming for sustainable development of the tribal region. Dr Amol Bhalerao, Scientist, TEC Pune, spoke on entrepreneurship development through goat farming. Ms Madhuri B Valvi, President of FPC, informed the farmers about the importance of training programme and thanked IVRI and CINI for organizing the training. Mr Maheshkumar P Ganapure, livestock consultant, also narrated the participants about the success of goat farming in the region.
During the training, different lectures were delivered in local Marathi language. Dr Maheshkumar P Ganapure spoke on “Housing and general management of goat” and “Feeding and breeding management of goats”. Dr Sachin G Chaudhuri delivered a lecture on “Diseases and health management of goats”. This was followed by discussion and interaction. At the end, certificates were distributed to all the participants.
On 23rd March, another training on “Scientific goat farming” was organised in collaboration with ICAR-KVK, Nandurbar at Junwani village of Akkalkuwa taluka in Nandurbar district. A total of 242 farmers including 42 women actively participated. The training programme was inaugurated by performing “Hal Pujan” by the dignitaries. Dr RS Dahatonde, Head, KVK, Nandurbar, welcomed the guests and participants, and expressed his gratitude to IVRI for taking efforts for organizing the training programme for the tribal farmers of the remote region and narrated the success of goat farming in the area. Local Sarpanch expressed his gratitude to both IVRI Pune and KVK Nandurbar for organising the training. Dr SK Das in his address informed about the genesis and achievements of the TEC Pune, the impact of TSP programme in Nashik and Nandurbar districts, and benefit of goat farming for economic upliftment of the tribal farmers. Dr Amol Bhalerao gave lecture on “Entrepreneurship development through goat husbandry”. The training included different lectures on housing, general management, different breeds and breeding management of goats (by Dr Maheshkumar P Ganapure, Livestock Consultant), feeding and health management of goat (by Mr Rajesh R Bhavser, Farm Manager, KVK, Nandurbar), and economics and marketing of goats (by Dr RS Dahatonde, Head, KVK, Nandurbar). Some farmers discussed their problems and concerns. One progressive farmer exhibited one stall on different unconventional feed and agro-industrial byproducts. At the end certificates were distributed to all the participants.
On 23rd March 2023, input distribution programme was organised for Scheduled Tribe farmers at Dhadgaon village and taluka of Nandurbar district. Based on the initial survey of farmers, 10 beneficiaries were selected. Cast certificate and ID proof of all the beneficiary farmers were verified and an MOU regarding proper maintenance of goats was signed with the farmer beneficiaries. The goats were examined and weighed before distribution. One unit of adult Osmanabadi goat (consisting of one male and four female goats) along with 200 kg pelleted goat feed and 2 kg of mineral mixture were distributed to each of the 10 beneficiaries. All the farmers were informed about the measures to be taken to ameliorate transit stress, and about routine deworming and vaccination of goats. Around 35 farmers and 5 officials of CINI were present on the occasion.
Dr SK Das, Principal Scientist, and Dr Amol K Bhalerao, Scientist from TEC Pune; Dr Sachin G Chaudhari, Senior Technical Officer, CINI; and Dr RS Dahatonde, Head, KVK, Nandurbar, coordinated the programmes.

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