Early Breeding of Indian Major Carps under CIFABROOD Demonstration Trial

Indian Major Carps (IMC) are bred from June-August in farmers’ ponds in Odisha. Mainly due to the late maturation of broods and traditionally believed that survival of early bred spawn is very poor. Mr. Batakrishna Sahoo (Batababu) of Sarkana village, Balianta Block under Khordha district, Odisha is a progressive fish farmer in the region and […]

Solar dryer with Electrical back-up

This hybrid Solar Dryer is having an S.S. tray drying area of 6 sq. m with an alternate electrical backup heating system. The effective harnessing of solar energy using specially designed solar air heating panels and proper circulation of this hot air across the SS trays loaded with fish with the help of blowers makes […]


The advantages of this invention are: 1. The murrel (Channa punctatus, C. marulius, C. striatus) skins used in the present invention are the waste fish skins that would otherwise be thrown away in the garbage, so waste is utilized. 2. The process can be used to develop leather from any other fish species also. 3. […]

Artificial germination of Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) spores induced by ions under the scanning electron microscope

Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP), is an emerging microsporidian pathogen responsible for hepatopancreatic microsporidiasis (HPM) in shrimps and is associated with severe growth retardation. The disease causes economic losses in shrimp aquaculture. In this study, EHP spore germination was induced and demonstrated with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The ions (cations and anions) generated by high-energy electrons […]

Drip irrigation in rice and wheat cultivation

Drip irrigation in rice and wheat cultivation Water is a precision input for agriculture, micro irrigation systems (MIS) have been successfully employed to save water and realize the motto ‘More crop per drop’. Among the MIS, drip irrigation is one of the proven technologies, especially in horticultural crops. The institute has successfully demonstrated drip irrigation […]

Scientific Goat Farming

One day training program on Scientific Goat Farming was organized at ICARCIRG under the NABARD project. Chief General Manager from RO Lucknow Shri S K Dora, Shri R. B. D’souza(GM), Dr. Nandani Ghosh (DGM), Smt. Sunanda Bose(DGM) and Smt. Geeta Singh(DGM) along with 60 District Development Managers from different parts of Uttar Pradesh reviewed the […]

ICAR-CIRCOT Nanocellulose

Nanotechnology, which has already revolutionized material science, pharma, electronics, and industrial chemistry, is now spreading its wings in the fields of agriculture & allied sectors. ICAR-CIRCOT has taken the lead in the ICAR system to explore the applications of nanotechnology in agriculture, cotton textiles, and composites. ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai ventured into Nanotechnology from 2004 onwards to […]

Progressive Farmers

Sh. Bhale Ram is a progressive dairy farmer of village Juglan which is one of the 8 adopted villages of the Institute. Before 2001 Sh. Bhale Ram preferred Natural Science to artificial insemination for breeding buffaloes. His attitude towards the AI practice was very poor. However, with regular meetings and motivation over a period of […]

Institutional Mechanism and Technological Backstopping to Promote Women Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture, Bhubaneswar conducted a study in a cluster comprising two villages’ viz., Sankilo and Tentalpur under Nischintakoili block of Cuttack district of Odisha under ICAR-NASF funded project by adopting 40 farm women. During the first year, critical gender gap indicators were identified and prioritized using the SHEET (Social-Health-Environmental-Economic-Technological) Module. On […]