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Ms Prabhjot Kaur, a PhD scholar from the Department of Food Science and Technology at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, achieved an outstanding feat by clinching the coveted ‘First Prize for Poster Presentation’. She earned this prestigious recognition at the International Conference on Millets (Shree Anna) for Achieving Nutritional and Economic Security, held at NIFTEM-Kundli from September 21-23, 2023.

Ms Prabhjot Kaur’s award-winning research, titled ‘Characterization of Gluten-Free Finger Millet Chapattis Incorporated with Modified Oat β-Glucan,’ reflects her dedication to advancing knowledge in food science. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Kamaljit Kaur, Assistant Professor (Food Technology) in the Department of Food Science and Technology, Ms Kaur delved into the assessment of native and modified oat β-glucan’s influence on the quality of finger millet chapattis. The research yielded significant findings, particularly in enhancing the handling and sheeting properties of gluten-free dough, ultimately improving the preparation of chapattis.

Dr SS Gosal, Vice Chancellor, Dr PK Chhuneja, Dean of Postgraduate Studies, and Dr Savita Sharma, Head of the Department of Food Science and Technology, extended their heartfelt congratulations to Ms Prabhjot Kaur, her advisor, Dr Kamaljit Kaur, and all contributors to this remarkable research endeavor. They wished the scholars continued success in their future endeavors, recognizing the significant impact of their work in food science and technology.

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