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The Department of Economics and Sociology, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), organized a guest lecture on “Gender Equality in Promoting Environmental Sustainability” which was delivered by Dr Rajini Vohra, an entrepreneur and founder of NGO Wah Woman.

Dr Vohra gave a thought-provoking lecture on the role of women in ensuring a sustainable environment. She emphasized on ensuring equal access to education, opportunities and resources, thereby empowering women to actively participate in environmental conservation efforts. Dr Vohra stressed the need for involving women in decision-making process and becoming powerful agents of change in environmental policies and sustainable development. Besides, she shared her vast field experience of working with women’s self-help groups and her NGO WahWoman’s efforts towards empowering women by providing digital space to market their sustainable lifestyle range products.“Self-reliance is need of the hour for economic independence as well as raising standards of the families,” she said.

Welcoming and introducing the speaker, Dr JM Singh, Professor and Head of the department, appreciated the motivational lecture and told that PAU since its inception has been working towards women empowerment by sustaining their livelihoods through vocational, short and in-service trainings in agriculture and allied occupations.

Dr Atinder Pal Kaur, Assistant Professor of Economics, proposed a vote of thanks.

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