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The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) 5.04.2024 signed an agreement with Partners in Prosperity, New Delhi for the commercialization of PAU fixed Dome Type Family size Biogas Plant, having capacity from 1m3/day to 25m3/day technology. Dr AS Dhatt, Director of Research, PAU and Mr Naresh Chaudhary, CEO of the firm, signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on behalf of their organizations.

Dr Gursahib Singh Manes, Additional Director of Research (Farm Mechanization and Bio-energy), congratulated Dr Rajan Aggarwal, Head, Department of Renewable Energy Engineering, for the commercialization of this technology, developed by Dr Sarbjit Singh Sooch, Principal Scientist, Renewable Energy Engineering.

Giving details about the technology, Dr Sooch explained that the construction of this type of plant is easy and it is an all-brick masonry structure. “This design is suitable for all regions of the country. The cost of this plant is 60 – 70% as compared to the cost of other conventional model biogas plant (floating drum biogas plants) and the maintenance requirements of this plant are far lesser than the floating drum biogas plants,” he told.

Dr Khushdeep Dharni, Associate Director, Technology Marketing and IPR Cell, stated that given the advantages, Fixed Dome type Biogas Plant technology is getting popular among the stakeholders.

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