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ICAR-CIFA organized a training program on “Freshwater Aquaculture” for SC farmers from Dhenkanal and Kandhamal District under the DST project at its Kausalyaganga campus from 24th to 26th April 2023 in collaboration with the G20 Education Working Group meetings. The program was aimed at transferring scientific knowledge on freshwater fish farming to promote the overall development of SC people. The training session featured discussions by various experts on topics such as integrated fish farming, fish feed preparation, soil and water quality management, fish seed rearing, ornamental fish culture, and freshwater fish health management. In addition to the various technical sessions the training program also included interactive sessions where farmers had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their own experience in freshwater aquaculture. The experts provided practical advice on common challenges faced by farmers such as disease management, water quality control and feeding practices. The farmers were encouraged to share their own local knowledge and expertise, which helped to enrich the overall learning experience for everyone involved. During the last day of program, the participants visited different farm facilities of ICAR-CIFA such as Jayanti Rohi Unit; Tilapia and carp Unit; Minor Carp and Biofloc Unit; Catfish Unit; Freshwater Prawn Unit; Ornamental Fish Unit; Murrel and Anabas Unit; CIFA Aquarium and organic farming unit. They also visited the KVK- Khorda and got practical exposure to integrated fish farming. 50 SC farmers comprising 20 farmers from Dhenkanal (11 from Sadar and 9 from Gondia) and 30 farmers from Kandhmal District (20 from Phiringia block and 10 from Phulbani block) have attended this training programme. In the valedictory session, they expressed their satisfaction with the program and their eagerness to learn more about fish breeding and management practices. The workshop was coordinated by a team of experts from ICAR-CIFA. By providing farmers with the skills and knowledge they need to produce high quality fish and manage their farms more efficiently, programmes like this help to improve livelihoods and food security for rural communities


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