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The Scientists of ICARCIFA had a discussion with Shri Parimal Suklabaidya, the Honorable Minister of Fisheries, Forest, Excise and Transport, Govt of Assam on 15 May 2023 in his official chamber at Guwahati. During the interactive discussion between officials of the Department of Fisheries, Assam (Shri B Das, Director of Fisheries, Assam; Dr D. Sharma, MD, FishFed, Assam; Dr Sanjay Sharma, Coordinator, APART, Assam; DFDOs of different districts, Assam, and Scientists of ICAR-CIFA including Dr Pramada Kumar Sahoo, Director, ICAR-CIFA; DR S K Swain, Dr P P Chakrabarty, Dr C K Misra, Principal Scientists, ICAR-CIFA under the Chairmanship of Shri Parimal Suklabaidya, the honourable minister sought for technological support for the production of adequate quantity of good quality seeds of different fish species including improved varieties of  Jayanti rohu, Catla, Chital, Pangasius, etc. to meet the growing needs of people of Assam. Shri Parimal also expressed his happiness over the interventions of ICAR-CIFA for the socio-economic development of NEH region in general and of Assam in particular. Dr Pramoda Kumar Sahoo, Director, ICAR-CIFA briefed the technological developments from CIFA and their application potentials in Assam for improving the yield and income of farmers. Dr Sahoo also briefed about the interventions made in Assam especially establishment of two multiplier units of Jayanti rohu, interventions of Magur hatchery seed production in Nalbari etc. Further Dr Sahoo suggested for the state govt fish seed farms to act as multiplier units of Jayanti rohu in order to reach maximum parts of Assam. In the meeting, Dr P P Chakrabarty described the soil and water quality issues in Assam and accordingly provided suitable solutions for the scientific management of aqua ponds. Further, the above team of Scientists of ICAR-CIFA provided technical guidance to one proposal of Dr Sanjaya Sharma, Coordinator, APART, Assam on 15 May 2023 for the establishment of a Public aquarium at Chandra Kalakhetra, in Mid City of Assam.

Shri Sharma was requested to submit a proposal in this regard for technological support towards biological management of Public Aquarium. Similarly, the scientists of ICAR-CIFA had a discussion with Dr B. Deka, Honorable Vice-Chancellor of Assam Agricultural University in his official camp at Khanapara, Guwahati on 16 May 2023. Dr Deka invited for joint interventions of ICAR-CIFA & AAU, Assam for aquaculture development in Assam. Dr Sahoo, Director, ICAR-CIFA stressed the application potentialities of improved varieties of Jayanti rohu and Catla citing the successful functioning of multiplier units by Debajyoti Barman and Mr Jyotish Talukdar in Assam.

While addressing to CEOs of 26 registered FPCs of Assam on 16 May 2016 in a review meeting arranged by Department of Fisheries, Assam, Dr Pramoda Kumar Sahoo, Director, ICAR-CIFA briefed the technological developments of ICAR-CIFA including breeding and culture protocols of 24 food fish species, 16 ornamental fish species, jayanti rohu, improved catla, GI scampi etc. Dr Sahoo also advised the CEOs to learn the technologies of ICAR-CIFA and spread the same for the benefit of farmers.

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