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The Consultative Workshop on “Quality Fish Seed Production in Odisha- The Way Forward” inaugurated today at ICAR-CIFA, Kausalyaganga Campus. The workshop will continue for two days from 26-27th December, 2023. The Workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Pramoda Kumar Sahoo, Director, ICAR-CIFA. In his welcome speech he elaborated the objectives of the workshop. He mentioned that this workshop is to elucidate and share the best management practices with them and, ultimately develop a strategy for the faster dissemination of improved species for quality seed production with the involvement of NFFBB in the process.

He stressed for dissemination of the quality seeds through the multiplier units. The discussion will be held on culture of Coldwater species for the Odisha, he added. In his address he emphasized on the brood stock diet, larval diet and how to tackle all diseases faced by the hatchery famers. Dr. P.C. Das, Coordinator of the workshop and Head APED informed that ICAR-CIFA worked for species diversification.

He threw lights on the different dimensions on quality seeds which is the cornerstone for the aquaculture venture. Dr. J.K. Sundaray, Head FGBD and Coordinator informed that State of Odisha occupied fourth position in per capita fish consumption in India. The workshop will bring out the solution for the Challenges faced by the hatchery operators involved in fish seed production. More than 100 participants from leading hatchery operators from Odisha, Chhatisgarh and West Bengal, Officials from OUAT, Scientists of ICAR-CIFA, NFFBB, Krishi Vigyan Kendra participated in this workshop. A manual on Seed Production of Important Cultivable Freshwater Fish and Shellfish was released on this occasion.

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