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ICAR-CIFA, RRS-Rahara and Kalyani FS have conducted a 14 days ‘On-Farm Training Programme’ on ‘Advances in Freshwater Aquaculture’ during 01-14 June, 2022. The inauguration programme was held on 01.06.2022 at RRS-Rahara in presence of Dr. S. Adhikari, SIC, all scientists and staffs of RRS-Rahara and Teaching Faculties of FFSc, WBUAFS. Theory classes were conducted on different aspects such as overview of freshwater aquaculture in the face of climate change and role of ICAR-CIFA, principles and practices of induced breeding of carps and catfishes, feed and feeding of carps, soil and water quality management in freshwater fish ponds, overview of Sewage fed aquaculture, role of natural fish food organisms in aquaculture, fertilization in freshwater fish ponds, common diseases of freshwater fish and fish health management aspects, and use of probiotics in aquaculture. Moreover, Hands on training was conducted on identification of different freshwater fish species, preparation and setup for production of live fish food organisms, preparation of low cost feed with local ingredients, induced breeding operation, dose calculation of synthetic hormones and its application, fertilization and preparation of inoculation for culture of live fish food organism, qualitative and quantitative analysis of planktons, analyses of water quality parameters, examination of fish for identification of disease and study of the virulence of bacterial pathogens in fish in vivo. Exposure visits was arranged for the students at Kalyani FS of ICAR-CIFA. A total of 35 students attended the training programme. Dr. R. N. Mandal, Dr. Farhana Hoque and Mr. A. Das acted as Course Director of the training programme. Valedictory session was conducted in presence of Dr. S. Adhikari, SIC, scientists: Dr. R. N. Mandal, Dr. B.N. Paul, Dr. P.P.Chakrabarti, Mr. A. Das, Dr. Farhana Hoque and Mr. A. Hussan and Faculties of FFSc, WBUAFS. Certificates were distributed to the students. The training programme was very successful and the students along with the teachers of FFSc, WBUAFS expressed their heartfelt thanks to ICAR-CIFA for taking such initiative and conducting the training programme.

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