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Professor Arun Kumar Joshi, General Manager, International Maze and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMIT), India at ICAR-Directorate of Weed Research, Jabalpur and Dr. Ravigopal Singh, Head, Board Lock Institute for South Asia (BISA), India. Visited on 24th August, 2023. During this time, Acting Director of the Directorate, Dr. P.K. Singh gave information related to the research and technology transfer going on in the Directorate and took information by visiting the field of research going on in the Directorate.

During this, weed management in protected agriculture, weed management in direct sown paddy, weed competitive paddy and weed management research in maize were discussed. The guests expressed satisfaction about the ongoing research activities in the Directorate and assured that the Directorate and BISA will work more closely with each other. During the visit, Dr. V.K. Choudhary, senior scientists were also present.

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