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The Department of Extension Education and Communication Management, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), organized a training session under the initiative “Sensitizing Farming Families for Sustainable Water Use Behavior” at village Rampur. The training programme aimed to foster awareness and adoption practices for sustainable water use behavior among local farm families.

Dr Vinay Kumar, Agronomist, highlighted the current water situation in Punjab and discussed the advantages of various water saving technologies like drip irrigation system, laser leveler, small beds for wheat, etc. The participants enthusiastically participated in the discussion.

Further, emphasizing on saving water at household level, Dr Ritu Mittal Gupta and Dr Sukhdeep Kaur sensitized farm families to save water while performing household chores in daily life. “Water is precious and should be judiciously used keeping in the mind the future generations,” added experts. A film screening was also organized to encourage the farming community to make sensible use of water at household level.

Sardar Sukhveer Singh, a member of Panchayat; Sardar Balraj Singh, President of Cooperative Society and Sardar Mandeep Singh, Manager of Cooperative Society, were also present.

At last, experts expressed gratitude to farmers and farm women for their enthusiastic participation and urged collective efforts towards water conservation.

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