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Dr Manjeet Singh, a distinguished professional with over 27 years of experience, including four years in administrative leadership as the Head of the Farm Machinery and Power Engineering department, has taken on the role of Dean at the College of Agricultural Engineering, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). Dr Singh’s appointment spans a four-year term.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr Singh has made significant contributions to agricultural machinery and technology. His accomplishments include the design and development of 30 machines and technologies, with a focus on conservation, precision, and sensor-based agricultural machinery. Notably, 22 of these innovations have received recommendations for commercialization and adoption by farmers from the university’s research evaluation committee. Additionally, three technologies were licensed to 126 manufacturers for mass production.

Dr Singh has been involved in 18 externally funded research projects supported by esteemed organizations such as the World Bank, ICAR, SERB, DST, DoA&FW, and various industries. This also includes a mega project under NAIP. He has authored 341 publications, encompassing 101 research papers in peer-reviewed journals, 64 books, chapters, manuals, and bulletins, and 66 papers published in the proceedings of national and international conferences and symposia. Furthermore, Dr Singh has applied for patents to protect the intellectual property rights of five innovative technologies. He received numerous awards and accolades, including the National Societal Innovation Award in 2019 from NRDC, a Team Award from the Dr Gurdev Singh Khush Foundation for Advancement of Agricultural Sciences in 2019, and a Cash Award and Citation from the Honorable Governor of Punjab in the same year. He was nominated as a Fellow of the AG Division by The Institution of Engineers (India) in 2019. Dr. Singh has also been recognized by the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE), receiving the JYOTI AWARD in 2011 and a Team Award in 2019.

In teaching, Dr Singh has delivered a total of 18 courses, comprising 14 undergraduate and four postgraduate courses, involving 170 credit hours. He has mentored and advised 30 students during his tenure and has served as an external examiner, evaluator, and paper setter for 30 assignments in various universities and institutes.

As part of his transfer of technology efforts, Dr Singh has organized 113 training programs, including 43 for state government departments and farmers. He has delivered 210 lectures, including 84 invited talks at national and state-level events, and participated in 18 TV and radio broadcasts. He has also conducted 93 demonstrations and exhibitions of agricultural machinery at various agricultural events and workshops. He has also attended 24 international conferences, including 12 in different countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea, New Zealand, China, etc, with the theme mainly in the area of precision agriculture through travel grants received from DST, SERB, AICTE.

Dr Manjeet Singh’s extensive experience and outstanding contributions make him an exceptional addition to the leadership team at the College of Agricultural Engineering, PAU. Congratulating the scientist on his new innings, PAU Vice Chancellor Dr SS Gosal wished him the best in his future endeavors.

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