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Two books edited by Dr Rajan Sharma and Dr Savita Sharma, Department of Food Science and Technology, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), and published by International Publication House – Taylor and Francis Group, CRC Press, were released at the International Conference on “Agricultural Libraries and User Community (ICALUC-2023),” organized in the University recently.

The first book entitled “Nutri-Cereals: Nutraceutical and Techno-functional potential” has been edited by Dr Rajan Sharma, Dr V Nanda and Dr Savita Sharma. It is dedicated to 10 Nutri-Cereals which include millets, sorghum, and pseudo cereals. With the approval to proposal of India, United Nations declared 2023 as International Year of Millets to celebrate agronomic and nutritional excellence of millets. Although many of the nutri-cereals are known for more than 4000 years, yet due to coarse nature and lack of processing, they got escaped from human diet. However, attributing to their excellent agro-economic potential and numerous health benefits, they are now once again recognized as functional ingredients. This book comprises comprehensive presentation of phytochemical characteristics, techno-functional potential and pharmacological impact of nutri-cereals (millets, sorghum, and pseudo cereals).

The second book entitled “Cereal Processing Technologies: Impact of Nutritional, Functional and Biological Properties” has been edited by Dr Rajan Sharma, Dr BN Dar and Dr Savita Sharma. This book details the processing techniques of cereals with recent advancements followed by their impact on nutritive, functional and biological potential. This book critically reviews the updated processing technologies and their impact on functionality of cereals followed by characterization of processed products. These techniques have been categorized into four major sections as mechanical, biological, thermal and non-thermal methods.

The eminent scientists from several prestigious institutes such as RMIT University and Curtin University, Australia; National Pintung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan; FUBB Italy; Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai; Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore; National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, Haryana and other state agricultural universities have contributed chapters in these books. These books will benefit students, academicians and researchers, and serve as an asset for future investigations in the domain of cereal science and technology. These books are available at MS Randhawa Library for the readers.

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