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 Banas Eco Club  is functioning at the College of Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering owned by the University in collaboration with the  State Level Nodal Agency “GIR” Foundation , Gandhinagar under the “National Green Corps ” Scheme under the Environment Protection Program of the Ministry of Environment , Forest and Climate Change , Government of India .

 Good for environment conservation and spreading awareness  on 02/02/2023  World Wetlands Day was celebrated by Banaskantha Forest Division, Dantiwada Range at Dantiwada Dam, Surajpura. In which a total of 27 students of the college participated. At the beginning of the program Dantiwada Range Forest Officer Dr. Mukeshbhai Mali welcomed everyone and apprised them about the various activities carried out by the Forest Department. Dr. The gardener informed the students about different wetlands sites and made them aware about the conservation of wetlands. Then Shri J. R. Samaria discussed the importance of wetlands sites in the ecosystem. Lieut. P. like this. Patel informed about the birds found around the wetlands site. Students toured Dantiwada Wetlands to experience the biodiversity up close. During the tour, the students observed more than 25 different species of birds and learned about the variations of the land. At the end of the program the students expressed their experiences during the visit. Shri J. R. Samaria , Assistant Professor thanked Banaskantha Forest Division, Dantiwada Range.

The entire program was planned and managed by Acharyashri Dr.V.Banaskantha Forest Division, Dantiwada Range in collaboration like this. Under Modi’s leadership, Shri J. R. Samaria and Lieut. P. like this. By Patel.

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