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Today, the Rapid Rovig Survey team of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur and officials of Rajasthan Agriculture Department, Udaipur visited the fields of farmers of Girwa, Kurabad and Mavli tehsils of various Gram Panchayats, namely Kanpur Bichdi, Sakroda and Dabok. Went. Although maize, soybean and other crops of most of the farmers were found healthy during the survey, but an outbreak of fall armyworm was seen in the maize fields of some farmers, as well as an outbreak of jaundice was seen in soybean fields. Entomologist Dr. Hemant Swami of Rapid Rovig Survey Team, Plant Pathologist Dr. R.K. N. Weaver and Crop Scientist Dr. Jagdish Chowdhary and Agriculture Department Officer Mr. Mahesh Ameta, Assistant Director (Agriculture Extension), Mr. Narayan Singh Saxena (Agriculture Officer) Crop and Mr. Rameshwar Lal Balai (Assistant Agriculture Officer) told the farmers about the diseases currently coming in the crops. And information related to the symptoms of pest outbreak and their diagnosis was given in detail.

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