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With the advent of rains crops showed recovery in the adopted village. Farmers sighed relief after the rain following a month-long dry spell. Irrigated dry crops like chilies, cotton, maize and flower crops (Rose, Marigold, Chrysanthemum in the village are now weed free and pest free. Farmers are adopting Integrated pest disease and nutrient management practices. Utilizing the moisture available farmers have taken up top dressing of fertilizers. Liquid fertilizers and Bio fertilizers are being profusely used following commercial practices like drip irrigation and spray with power operated equipment. Associate Dean and VAP chairman Dr. C. Narendra Reddy enquired about the soil fertility, variety or hybrids used, fertilizer practices, land use pattern and marketing of various crops with progressive farmers. VAP team members actively participated and reviewed the progress of field demonstrations. Farmers expressed satisfaction and requested for implementation of more technologies. The team members of College of Agriculture, Rajendranagar included Convenor Dr. T. Ramesh, Sr. Professor and University Head, Crop Physiology, Adopted village team members, Dr. M. Venkateswar Reddy (Horticulturist), Dr. K. Shailaja (Soil scientist) Dr. K. Aruna (Extensionist) and Dr. I Shakuntala Devi, (Economist). Farmers of Mallapur village are happy with the VAP team and their involvement in the village activities.

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