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The agricultural market environment is changing with unprecedented speed and in very diverse ways locally and globally. These dynamics affect farm prices and thereby farm income. The majority of the rural producers are unable to understand and interpret the market and price behaviour to their advantages. Hence, market information and intelligence are crucial to enable farmers and traders to make informed decisions about what to grow, when to sell, and where to sell.

The most important marketing information input required by a farmer in the current scenario is the price intelligence. Successful marketing of high value produce like cotton, chili and other crops, need to have a fairly good understanding of markets, prices and consumer preferences by the stakeholders. Most farmers still lack a good understanding on these aspects. Keeping this fact in mind, an Agricultural Market Intelligence Centre has been established at Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Rajendranagar Hyderabad with the financial support from the Agricultural Marketing Department, Government of Telangana to disseminate timely, comprehensive, current and future price information on agricultural commodities for better decision-making by farming community, traders, firms, researchers and policy makers.

  • Help the farmers in realizing higher net price for their produce.
  • Provide improved regional linkages in the generation, dissemination, and sharing of market information for better decision making.
  • Provide improved access and use of market intelligence with better production and marketing strategies to all stakeholders in the marketing chain.
  • Providing price forecasts before sowing and during harvest of important crops.
  • Making available commodity intelligence to all stakeholders including policy makers.
  • Providing information about high price markets to producers
  • Improving the dissemination of market intelligence.
  • Increasing the capacity to absorb and use such market intelligence by all stakeholders.
  • Developing commodity market outlook for selected commodities at state level.
  • Providing commodity market research reports.
Crops covered
  1. Paddy
  2. Maize
  3. Jowar
  4. Bajra
  5. Ragi
  6. Greengram
  7. Redgram
  8. Groundnut
  9. Soyabean
  10. Sunflower
  11. Castor
  12. Cotton
  13. Chilli
  14. Turmeric
  15. Blackgram
  16. Bengal Gram

The price forecasts are made by analyzing the prices of Agricultural Commodities collected from major markets concerned over 15-20 years using advanced statistical tools like ARIMA, SARIMA, ARCH GARCH, ANN, etc., econometric models, comparing the same with prices of futures markets and national and international reports of trade surveys besides conducting state level trade surveys.

The market intelligence including price forecasts for major crops well in advance of sowing of each crop and before harvest of the same will be continuously disseminated by the center through various print and mass media, Agricultural Department, Marketing Department, Agricultural Market Committees, web portals, etc. Training and capacity building of all the stakeholders for better use of the market intelligence in their production and marketing decisions and a continuous impact assessment of the same would form the other research and extension activities of the Center.

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