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Completion of the seven-day residential training program of the third batch under the joint aegis of KED Foundation Udaipur and Agri Business Incubator Center at the Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute, Avikanagar Tehsil-Malpura District-Tonk (Rajasthan), an institute of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (from June 21 June 27, 2023) was chaired by Dr. Arun Kumar Tomar and as special guests, Director of KED Foundation, Udaipur, Mr. Mukesh Suthar and Head of Animal Health Department, Dr. G. It was done in the presence of G. Sonowane. Coordinator of ‘Commercial Sheep-Goat and Rabbit Farming’ training program at Avikanagar Institute, Dr. Vinod Kadam and co-coordinators Dr. Amarsingh Meena and Dr. Arvind Soni told that 43 trainees participated in the training program. Most of the questions have come from various districts of Rajasthan and one trainee each has come from the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana.

Mr. Mukesh Suthar, Director of KED Foundation, said that after joining the institute with ABIC, under the joint auspices, the first 5 days of the seven-day residential training program of the third batch has been conducted in Udaipur. In which the State Government of Udaipur and Maharana Lectures were organized in Udaipur by animal husbandry experts of Pratap Agricultural University (Dr. Vijay Mane Senior Veterinary Officer, Dr. Subhash Chaudhary Veterinary Officer, Dr. S.L. Khekar Assistant Professor and Dr. Amit Kumar Assistant Professor etc.) along with divisional level animal experts. Various aspects of sheep and goat rearing were discussed with the farmers through practicals and lectures in the hospital. Last two days training program for skill development of farmers (26 to 27 June, 2023) Agri Business at Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute It has been organized through Incubator Centre. On the occasion of closing, feedback about the training program was taken from 43 trainees present in the training program. Everyone told about the accommodation and food and getting a lot of information through the training. And The trainees participating in the training requested the director of the institute to provide them with advanced breed animals and technology. On the occasion of the conclusion of the program on 27th June at 5 pm, the director of the institute, Dr. Arun Kumar Tomar while addressing the trainees said, That at present, in view of the increasing demand for sheep and goat meat in the country, the Government of India has tried to promote sheep and goat rearing by the National Livestock Mission with 50% subsidy to promote this business. All categories of women and men farmers can become financially capable by earning their livelihood. Director Dr. Arun Kumar Tomar told all the trainees that in the beginning you should start the business of sheep and goat rearing with 20 to 25 animals. And gradually Understand all the management and precautions and take your business to animal husbandry entrepreneurship. The most important aspect in animal husbandry is to select sheep and goat animals of good breed, so that its health management, fodder management, feed management, vaccination and various other By doing weather based management, maximum profits can be earned. Dr. Tomar said that by growing advanced germplasm on your farm and becoming recognized as a breeder center of good animals, you can provide good quality animals to the farmers. At present, business and scientific In the absence of public pastures, sheep and goat rearing is being done through stall feeding method, in which maximum production can be taken by keeping in mind the proper nutritional management of the animal, fodder management, housing management, health management and various weather based precautions. l Dr. Tomar told that my animal is small but it is a very good animal to meet the daily needs of the people of the country. It makes its owner financially empowered by growing even with minimal resources. Dr. Tomar expressed hope that you would definitely have acquired some information about sheep and goat rearing from here in seven days. If these are added to your already existing knowledge, then definitely in the coming time You will see improvement in sheep and goat rearing.

The Director requested all the trainees to go to their area and benefit other farmers also by using whatever good information they have acquired in sheep and goat rearing in the seven days. And the Director requested that through the National Livestock Mission, you can share it with them in 5 to 10 days. By getting the subsidy issued by the Government of India in the field of sheep-goat and rabbit rearing in a group of people, they can start a business of up to 100 animals on a small scale and with this they can take their business towards animal husbandry entrepreneurship. In the field of animal husbandry You should form cooperative institutions to take them to the market. So that you yourself are involved in the entire process from animal production to consumer and you yourself contribute in determining the prices of your products. So that maximum earning can be done from it. Head of Animal Health Department, Dr. Yes. Sonawane told that through health management of animals, they can earn additional income by reducing the mortality rate in their sheep and goat herd. On the occasion of completion of the training, certificates were distributed to all the trainees by the guests present in the program.

In the training program, the department head of animal health department, Dr. GG Sonawane, Dr. Leelaram Gurjar, Dr. Suresh Chand Sharma, Dr. Satyaveer Singh Dangi, Naresh Vishnoi from KED Foundation Udaipur, Mrs. Debmita Gupta and other contract staff etc. also provided full cooperation during the training program. At the conclusion of the training program, co-coordinator Dr. Amarsingh Meena and vote of thanks were given by Dr. Arvind Soni. Dr. Amarsingh Meena, senior scientist and PRO of Avikanagar Institute, gave detailed information about the program.

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