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Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Avikanagar Tehsil-Malpura District-Tonk (Rajasthan) and KED Foundation Udaipur organized a seven-day residential training program of the fourth batch under the joint aegis of Agri Business Incubator Center of Avikanagar Institute (2 August to August 9, 2023) presided over by Dr. Arun Kumar Tomar and in the presence of Director KED Foundation Udaipur Mr. Mukesh Suthar, Head of Department of Animal Nutrition Dr. Randhir Singh Bhatt, Head of Department of Animal Physiology and Biochemistry Dr. Raghavendra Singh as special guests.

Dr. Vinod Kadam, coordinator of the batch of ‘Commercial Sheep and Goat’ training program at Avikanagar Institute and co-coordinators Dr. Dushyant Kumar Sharma and Dr. Shobhana Sarkar told that a total of 45 trainees are participating in the above training program, who are from across the country. They have come from various districts of the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Mr. Mukesh Suthar, Director of KED Foundation, said that after joining the institute with ABIC, the fourth batch started a seven-day residential training program under the joint aegis. A 5-day training program was conducted in Udaipur in which lectures were organized by sheep and goat animal husbandry experts in Udaipur and the trainees were made aware in detail through practicals and lectures in the divisional level veterinary hospital, Udaipur. Final A two-day training program is being organized through the Agri Business Incubator Center at the Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute. Feedback about the training was taken from 45 trainees present in the training program, all of them appreciated the cost of accommodation, food and training. Told about getting many information from the institute and all the trainees participating in the training requested the director to provide advanced breed animals and technology.

On the occasion of the conclusion of the program, the Director of the Institute, Dr. Arun Kumar Tomar, while addressing the trainees, said that currently in the self-reliant India of the Government of India, you can earn your livelihood by rearing sheep and goats and also provide employment to the people of the country. Can help in supplying meat. The most important aspect in animal husbandry is health management. Detailed information about health management of sheep and goat, vaccination and etc. is provided by Avikanagar Institute through Health Calendar for farmers. Dr. Tomar requested that by increasing the advanced technology and advanced germplasm of the institute on your farm, you can establish yourself as a multiplayer center of good animals and deliver breeder animals to the farmers. At present, there is a lack of public pastures for commercial and scientific sheep-goat rearing. Stall feeding method is now being done in which maximum production can be achieved keeping in mind the proper nutritional management, fodder management, housing management, health management and various weather based precautions of the animals at their own home.

Dr. Tomar told that sheep and goat animals are small in size but they play a very important role in economically empowering the people of the country. Nowadays maximum production can be achieved by rearing sheep and goats with minimum resources. Dr. Tomar expressed the hope that you must have acquired some information about sheep and goat rearing from here in seven days. If these are added to your already existing knowledge, then it will definitely help in the coming years. With time, you will see improvement in sheep-goat rearing and the Director requested that through the National Livestock Mission, you can start a small scale business of 25 to 50 animals by getting the subsidy issued by the Government of India in the field of sheep-goat and poultry rearing. You can start and gradually take your business towards animal husbandry entrepreneurship. In the field of animal husbandry, you should form cooperative institutions to take them to the market. So that the entire process from animal production to consumer can be facilitated. You should be yourself so that maximum earning can be done from it.

Dr. Randhir Singh Bhatt, Head of the Department of Animal Nutrition, said that with the nutritional management of animals, in the same input and environment, sheep can gain more weight than goats in the country. Dr. Bhatt said that in the future, you will definitely be a part of the Avikanagar Institute of Farmers. Seeing the increasing interest towards self-financed training program in India, it seems that in the coming time, the shortage of meat in the country can be bridged by increasing the production of meat from sheep and goat rearing. Distribution of certificates to all the trainees on the occasion of completion of the training. It was done by the guests present in the program. On the occasion of the closing program, Dr. Arvind Soni, Mr. Naresh Bishnoi and other employees were present. Information about the closing of the program was shared by Dr. Amarsingh Meena, senior scientist and PRO of Avikanagar Institute.

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