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Course Directors Dr. P. Ramesh
Programme Details
From 07-11-2023
To 10-11-2023
Eligibility Senior Managers like Directors, Joint Directors, Heads of Departments, Zonal Coordinators and Project Coordinators, CAOs and FAOs and Principal Scientists of ICAR; Heads of Departments and Associate Directors of Research, Registrars and Comptrollers and Senior Professors of SAUs.
Course Fee Rs.6000/- + 18% GST Per Participant -Coming from AUs, DUs, SAUs or Public/Private Universities/ Institutions *Rs.12000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Industry / Corporate Sector *Rs.9000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Start – Ups / MS
Core Contents Understanding the psychological mechanisms of stress and related diseases. -Psychometric and medical assessment of stress -Time Management – -Relationship Management -Emotional Intelligence and stress management -Coping up techniques – Practical

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