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Course Directors Dr. Venkatesan P.
Programme Details
From 10-10-2023
To 12-10-2023
Eligibility Scientists in ICAR, Agricultural Universities and KVKs, Scientists from NGOs and General Universities working in agricultural extension and related social science disciplines and research scholars in social sciences.
Course Fee Rs.4000/- + 18% GST Per Participant -Coming from AUs, DUs, SAUs or Public/Private Universities/ Institutions *Rs.8000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Industry / Corporate Sector *Rs.6000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Start – Ups / MSM
Core Contents Starter module: Basics of extension research – scientific approach, research process, designs, measurement, sampling frameworks, data collection methods and techniques, data analysis (including software) and interpretation and Path finder module: Innovative practices on advanced research methods, ethical considerations, writing convincing research proposals and high quality research papers and other publications.

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