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KVK, Palem in collaboration with DAATTC, Palem Jointy organized a Diagnostic Field visit in paddy at Annasagar village of Bhoothpur mandal, Mahabubnagar Dist on 02.02.2024. As per the instructions of Associate Director of Research, a diagnostic team has been constituted (Vide Lr.No.1483/ADR/PLM/Diagnostic team/2023, Date:27.01.2024) to visit Paddy crop at Annasagar village of Bhoothpur mandal, Mahabubnagar Dist. Crop is at tillering and observed severe Stem borer incidence (Above ETL. Farmers have not taken up the good management practices (nursery to tillering stage). Critical observations of the visit: 1. Application of Lamda cyhalothrin for stem borer accounted in flaring up of the pest even more, Mono cropping is another reason, farmers have been cultivating paddy over the past 10 years as kharif and rabi crop. 2. Farmer have mixed up the weedicide + Zn + and other irrelevant chemicals. 3. Not aware of the proper identification of the stem borer damage at the early stage of the crop, Finally, farmers have not followed the exact dosages of the chemicals (Excess application of chemicals).

The team suggested following measures are: 1. Spraying with Chlorantraniliprole @ 60 ml per acre + Sprint (Carbendazim + Mancozeb) @ 500 g/acre, Suggested the crop rotation/crop diversification with other pulse crop. 2. Educated the farmers about the importance of pheromone traps in monitoring the pest and ETL based spraying of the insecticides for the pest control, strictly instructed to follow the recommended doses and not to mix up multiple chemicals at a time. 3. Suggested to approach the scientists and Department of Agriculture officials for the right advisories, Created awareness on importance of green manures. In this visit Dr. Ch. Bharath Bhushan Rao, Coordinator, DAATTC, Palem, Dr.O. Shaila, SMS (Plant protection), KVK, Palem, Sri. Muralidhar, AO, Sri. Suresh, AEO and 7 farmers were participated.

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