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Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Kapurthala, adopted a ‘rural approach’ in Uchha, Phagwara, to manage rodents that have emerged as major pests as they cause significant damage in crop fields and the surrounding premises. A total of 45 farmers participated in the rodent control campaign led by scientists from KVK, Kapurthala. Generally, rodents are extremely difficult to manage as they possess remarkable ability to adjust to their surrounding environments, have highly intelligent patterns of behaviour and a tremendous potential to multiply. As such, farmers of Phagwara block, much agitated at the quantum of crop loss, approached KVK, Kapurthala to seek a potential solution to the same.

Dr Suman Kumari, Assistant Professor (Plant Protection) discussed different strategies for the management of rodents which involves mechanical, cultural, biological and chemical control methods. Later, she practically demonstrated the exact way of preparation of poison bait by using Bromadiolone (0.05%) and also educated the farmers regarding the right method of placement of poison bait in the field burrows. She also stressed that farmers should adopt rodent control as a regular campaign so as to ward off these pests.

Dr Amandeep Kaur, Associate Professor (Vegetable Science) explained the cultivation of winter vegetables and fruit plants. She further advised the farmers to produce their own residue-free fruits and vegetables for home consumption.

Dr Harinder Singh, Associate Director (Trg.) highlighted different activities of KVK, Kapurthala, for the benefit of farmers. Empathizing with the farmers, he shared that KVK, Kapurthala was a knowledge and resource centre for the farming community and farmers must utilize facilities and knowledge available there. He added that experts from diverse agricultural fields could be contacted in one centre, under one roof. Dr Harinder Singh also assured the farmers that KVK would lift soil samples from one common spot in Phagwara and deliver soil testing reports at their doorstep. He also encouraged the farmers to contact the experts telephonically regarding seeds or technical inputs, rather than travelling to the KVK, as Phagwara is a far-away block from Kapurthala.

The farmers were largely satisfied with the successfully conducted campaign and expressed their gratitude to the visiting experts for sharing immensely useful information with them to tackle the rodent problem.

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