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The two-day Annual Conference of the Indian Society for Agricultural Development and Policy (ISADP) concluded at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). The virtual conference, where a total of 50 papers were presented, saw the participation of 170 participants from Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu.

On the second day, Dr Jaswinder Brar from Punjabi University, Patiala, delivered a talk on the topic “Emergent tenancy market in Punjab agriculture.” He laid emphasis on the demand side and supply side factors of the lease market in Punjab, and discussed legal frameworks for the same.

Under the theme, “Empowering rural communities through livelihood diversification,” Nithin Raj K, AK Dixit, A Singh, G Bhandari, K Ponnuswamy, B Sen and A Verma bagged the first prize for the paper “Study on flow of institutional credits and their diversion by dairy farmers in Kerala.” Priya Brata Bhoi, Kamal Vatta, Sunny Kumar, Kashish Arora, Pradipkumar Adhale and Gourav Kumar Vani clinched the second prize for the paper entitled “Probability analysis for forecasting basmati prices in Punjab – Application of advanced forecasting models. Aniketa Horo and JM Singh also shared the second prize for the paper “Diversification leading to co-dependency among the sub-components – An empirical study from Haryana.” Third prize was won by Niyati Thakur, Ravinder Sharma, BJ Giridhar, Sanjeev Kumar, Shilpa, Ajit Sharma and Anshuman Klate for the paper “Socio-economic impacts assessment of protected cultivation – Income, employment, and livelihood advancements for farmers.”

In the the theme “Unveiling the dimensions of sustainable agricultural development,” Baljinder Kaur Sidana, Laishram Priscilla, Gurleen Kaur and Kamal Vatta got the first prize for the paper entitled: “Potential of maize crop for sustainable agriculture in Punjab,” while Lasithamol NL, Anver Sadath C and Prasanth C bagged the second prize for the paper “Factors influencing climate adaptation Strategies – Farm [1] level evidences from Kerala.” Third prize was shared by Gurlal Singh, Gurleen Kaur and VK Sharma for the paper “The way forward for hedging price risk in Maize: a price discovery mechanism,” and Sukhvir Singh, Sanjay Kumar and Jasdev Singh for the paper “NRLM’s grassroots empowerment: Examining the functioning and constraints of self-help groups and their federations in Punjab.”

Under the theme “Changing paradigms of development in India: Designing to chart out credible ways,” Shalini Sharma, Amit Guleria and Manjeet Kaur won the first prize for the paper “Drivers of migration: Why do people migrate from rural Punjab?,” whereas Shaikh Mohd Mouzam, Harsimranjit Kaur Mavi, MK Sekhon and Shruti Chopra got the second prize for the paper “The retrospect and prospects of bajra cultivation in Punjab.” Third prize went to Sunnyruth, Anil Sharma and Gurbir Singh Bhullar for the paper “Impact of interactive cardboard game on cotton growers in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh,” and Pritam Roy for the paper “Deciphering the enigma: A multi-dimensional study of female labor force engagement and predictive drivers.”

Dr JM Singh congratulated the winners and commended the efforts of the Executive Committee, Editorial Board, and session chairpersons. He informed that all the best papers will be published in the Journal of Agricultural Development and Policy of the ISADP.

Dr Baljinder Kaur Sidana proposed a vote of thanks.

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