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Course Directors Dr. Ramesh Naik
Programme Details
From 25-09-2023
To 29-09-2023
Eligibility Faculty/ Scientists from Agricultural Universities/ ICAR institutes/ Officials from KVKs; NGOs; Autonomous academic; Scientific organizations and Research scholars having interest in Agricultural System Modelling
Course Fee *Rs.6000/- + 18% GST Per Participant -Coming from AUs, DUs, SAUs or Public/Private Universities/ Institutions *Rs.12000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Industry / Corporate Sector *Rs.9000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Start – Ups /
Core Contents The training is intended to augment the participants’ knowledge regarding the status and relevance of different modelling approaches. The modelling tools are handy in estimating the status of natural resources under given management practices and provide mitigating and adapatative options under different climatic scenarios. It will also provide an opportunity to exchange ideas with the domain expert on the subject matter.

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