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Course Directors Dr. P.D. Sreekanth
Programme Details
From 12-02-2024
To 16-02-2024
Eligibility Scientist/Faculty/ Senior Technical Officers (T-6 and above) working in the area of Natural Resource Management from ICAR Institutes, State Agricultural Universities and KVK’s.
Course Fee *Rs.6000/- + 18% GST Per Participant -Coming from AUs, DUs, SAUs or Public/Private Universities/ Institutions *Rs.12000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Industry / Corporate Sector *Rs.9000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Start – Ups / M
Core Contents This training programme is on spatial analysis using QGIS and R packages. Both software’s are an open source software perhaps the most powerful computer environment for spatial data analysis. QGIS and R has core functionality (extended by 100s of packages (plug-ins) to read and write spatial data files, manipulate and summarize data. Some of these packages provide more advanced generic functionality, others provide highly specialized and cutting-edge methods that are only used in highly specialized analysis. R-Studio is a separate program that ‘wraps around’ R to make it easier to use. Uses of modern geo-statistical tools are very minimal in Indian National Agricultural Research System. This training programme aims at enhancing competency levels of NARS professionals in understanding Spatial analysis using open source software’s to extract maximum information from spatial data.

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