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Course Directors Dr. Srinivas Tavva
Programme Details
From 24-04-2023
To 28-04-2023
Eligibility Faculty/ Scientists from Agricultural Universities/ ICAR institutes/ Forest Institutes and Department/Officials from KVKs; bachelor and master students of agriculture and veterinary courses
Course Fee *Rs.6000/- + 18% GST Per Participant -Coming from AUs, DUs, SAUs or Public/Private Universities/ Institutions *Rs.12000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Industry / Corporate Sector *Rs.9000/-+18% GST per participant coming from Start – Ups /
Core Contents Develop trainers guide for the faculty and experts expected to implement the training courses and sessions; Critical issues such as use of alternate crops that are not preferred by wildlife, cropping pattern to reduce vulnerability, crop guarding methods and techniques, processing, and supply of products for higher economic benefits, etc.

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