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Eastern Regional Station (ERS)-ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), Kolkata in collaboration with Bharat Sevashram Sangha (BSS) organized an ‘Animal Health Awareness Programme’ at Daria village of Canning I block on 15th January, 2024. Under DAPSC Scheme, the rural women those joined in the programme are belonging to scheduled caste community mostly of Poundra (n=60) followed by Namasudra (n=5), Rajbanshi (n=2), and one each from Lohar, Tiyar and Jalia Kaibartta subtypes. A total of seventy (n=70) beneficiaries participated in the programme from 5 villages namely Daria (n=32), Dighirpar (n=3), Hatamari (n=1), Korakati (n=10) and Kumarsa Chak (n=24) villages of Canning I block.

Dr. G. K. Das, Principal Scientists from ICAR-IVRI-ERS, Kolkata and Sri Sujit Mondal , Secretary, BSS, Daria were coordinated the events. Following the documents verification, the programme was started with the distribution of awareness kits among the beneficiaries. Awareness kit was comprised of scientific literature on poultry/duck /turkey /quail farming, vaccination and deworming schedule as well as poultry and duck diseases, pen, masks customized writing pad, plastic folder, head cap and large non woven carrying bag. Afterwards, Dr Das told about a brief history of ICAR-IVRI, various developmental activities implemented for socially weaker sections, about the objectives of the DAPSC scheme in general, the programmes conducted in the Canning I block so far, the purpose of the today’s program as well as upcoming programmes.

The scopes of animal husbandry and poultry rearing practices for cash generation and women empowerment had also been emphasised in the lecture. Dr Das also elaborated about the types of poultry birds which will be distributed, age of maturity and the egg producing potential. Sri Sujit Mondal, described about various social activities of Bharat Sevashram Sangha conducting for rural mass. He also emphasized on the potential that the rural women have in changing the agriculture economy by cash generation and the family income and thereby the rural economy of a village. Besides, he also explained the importance of critical care of younger chicks during brooding on future survivability rate.

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