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TEC, ICAR–IVRI, Pune distributed goats, goat feed and mineral mixture to five Scheduled Cast farmers under SCSP Programme on 12 th September 2023 at Kashti village, Shrigonda taluka of Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra. After making a survey of farmers to get information about the socio-economic condition of farmers, 5 beneficiaries were selected. The cast certificate, ID proof of all the beneficiary SC farmers were verified and an MOU was signed with farmers for proper care and management of goats, not selling supplied parental stock and keeping records etc. Health of goats were checked for any apparent lameness, blindness, inflammation of body parts, skin condition, nasal secretion, enteritis etc. After taking the live weight of all the goats, one unit of Osmanabadi goat consisting of one male and four female adult goats along with 200 kg pelleted goat feed and 2 kg of mineral mixture were distributed to each of the five SC beneficiary farmers chosen. The farmers were informed about the minimum requirement of housing, feeding and management of goats, besides deworming and vaccination schedule. Necessary tips were also given to overcome the transportation stress of goats. Dr SK Das, Principal Scientist, TEC and Dr Prashant Khatke, LDO, Department of Animal Husbandry, Kashti, Ahmednagar coordinated the programme.

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