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TEC-ICAR Pune along with Department of Animal Husbandry, Maharashtra State, organised follow up visits, advisory services, deworming of goats, distribution of mineral and vitamin mixture, and data recording on performance of goats at Valati, Thorandale and Nagapur villages of Ambegaon taluka in Pune district under SCSP programme on 20th December 2023. Dr SK Das, Principal Scientist from TEC Pune and Dr Abhijeet Parandekar, LDO, visited the villages for monitoring of 19 goat units of beneficiary SC farmers.

They supervised housing, feeding and management of all the goat units maintained by the farmers and interacted with them to rectify housing, feeding and management, wherever needed, for better growth, production and improving health of goats. As the supplied goat feed of all beneficiaries was exhausted, feed formula for preparing balanced ration with locally available ingredients was informed to the farmers. All the animals were dewormed by broad spectrum anthelmintic. Mineral and vitamin mixture was distributed to each farmer for feeding of weak and pregnant goats. Data on kidding, disease incidence, morbidity, mortality and disposal of goats were recorded. During the last six months in all the 3 villages, 26 goat kids were born, 22 goats were sold with remaining stock of 58 goats and their followers. A sum of Rs 1,30,000/- (Rupees one lakh thirty thousand only) was earned by 7 farmers through selling of goats during the period. The farmers are reported to have utilized the money for renovation of goat sheds, treatment of family members and wedding of their daughter. A few goats were suffering from pneumonia, which were treated suitably. Dr SK Das from TEC and Dr Abhijeet Parandekar from the AH Department, Valati, Ambegaon coordinated the programme.

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