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The farmers of Jharkhand and other states like West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Assam, Meghalya, Mizoram etc. Have fully adopted Jharsuk breed of Pigs developed by BAU. There is a heavy demand for improved Jharsuk breed of Pigs by the farmers.

Development of a suitable genotype of goat by selective breeding of Black Bengal goat for meat production with higher rate of growth accompanied with technologies on feeding, housing, disease control measures and meat characteristics have largely been instrumental in large scale adoption by goat farmers of this state.

BAU under AICRP on poultry, has developed Jharsim breed of poultry. This variety of Chicken with multicolor plumage color resembles the native chicken and produces 2 times more meat and three times more eggs than the native breed. Based on 10 years data on chemical pathology and hematology, several disease prediction for hem protozoan disease in dairy cattle has been developed. Highest incidence of hem protozoan infection like theilenosis, babesiosis and hemonichettsial organism anoylasmos has been recorded between May to October with peak incidence diseases predicted in the month of August.

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